Why choose The Shoelabel Company?

The shoe care market is underdeveloped and underexposed by many retailers. This means that retailers are missing out on sales. The Shoelabel Company helps retailers develop this market through its private label offering and unique concepts/brands. In turn, this market segment can achieve substantial revenue and profit growth.

Insoles / gel

All kind of insoles from different material. Especially for sport, shoe and sneaker retailers. We can deliver it in a variety of packaging.

Shoe care / accessories

A range of high quality products for cleaning and maintenance of shoes from all kind of different material. But also accessories like brushes, horns, etc.

Invisible socks

Socks to indulge the feet. They are invisible in shoes, seamless like a second skin, in the traditional colour white and black and in different fun colours.


All kind of shoelaces of different types and material with a wide choice of colours. We can deliver it in a variety of packaging and presentation boxes.



The Shoelabel Company is one of the biggest insole, shoe care and shoelace private label providers in Europe. A carefully selected international network throughout Europe and Asia means our product offering is always current, from high quality and the prices always sharp. Also looking for the newest innovations and develop these concepts into modern private label brands. This ensures that we can provide you with a long and fruitful relationship.


We have many years experience in this field. We are happy to share this knowledge with you by guiding and advising you through product, design and marketing choices. Our marketing, sales and product specialists can guide you through the product decisions while our designers create a dynamic visual look to fit your brand or new brands.
References can be requested.


Send an email to sales@shoelabelcompany.com

Tel: +31 (0)6 15 085 880
Hoogstraat 117, 5061 ET
Oisterwijk, The Netherlands


Always the best price and quality, always the best deal!

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